Wood care


Oiled solid wood is a high-quality, durable natural product that ‘lives’ and therefore requires special maintenance. To avoid any discolouring, stains or scratches, JORI advises you to follow the following guidelines closely:

Maintenance of wood:
Apply a very thin oil layer with a lint-free cloth once or twice a year. Rub with a dry cloth after a few minutes. It will take a few days for the oil to set and become effective. Meanwhile the strong smell will also dissipate.

Do not use wax:
Wax creates thin layers that attract dirt. This causes scratches and gives the surface a smudgy look.

Light will affect the colour of the wood:
Avoid any direct sunlight and regularly move decorations and/or tablecloths to prevent any local discolouring of the furniture and to allow any changes in colour to happen evenly.

Changes in temperature and air humidity will make the wood shrink or expand:
Ensure constant air humidity by using humidifiers, water evaporators or radiator humidifiers. Do not place the furniture too close to a heat source or air conditioning unit, as this will dry out the wood.

After spilling soft drinks, beer, coffee, tea, wine, ... or even water:
Oiled wood is extremely sensitive to moisture. Always wipe dry immediately. Prevention is always best, so use coasters, placemats or a tablecloth. The warranty conditions exclude moisture rings or stains.

Hot objects:
Never place any hot objects directly on to the wood. Always use a trivet.

Prevent rings, stains and scratches:
Use coasters and/or placemats and lift objects off the furniture when you move them.

Normal colour changes:
The natural light will give furniture with this finish a deeper and warmer colour over the first few months.

Colour differences between different pieces of furniture:
Products from different batches may have a different colour.

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