JORI-leather collection

The JORI- leather collection: A large spectrum of choices

Our collection includes 4 leather classes:


1. Non-pigmented, full grain leather (Pure Aniline Leather):

This leather is characterized by its vivid colour shades and a certain 3D optics where all natural characteristics are optimally visible. It possesses open pores and is therefore particularly breathable, making it always smooth and warm to the touch. Due to its natural surface, this type of leather is less protected from direct sunlight and dirt. The use creates a beautiful typical patina, which will increase over the years and is inherent in this type of leather.

The leather types of Xienda and Lotila belong to this leather class.


​2. Slightly pigmented leather (or semi-aniline leather):

With this leather, the leather surface is covered after tanning with a light pigment layer and finish. The natural characteristics of the leather become slightly less apparent. This leather possesses an excellent resistance to sunlight and filth. This leather also keeps its properties such as breath activity, smoothness and warmth to a large extent.

The leather type of Lipano belongs to this leather class. 


3. Pigmented leather:

This leather type is characterized, by the leather surface covered with a durable pigment layer and finish. The natural characteristics are partly concealed, creating a more even grain structure and limiting the natural properties of smoothness and warmth. This leather is very suitable for more intensive use.

The leather types of Larido, Konia, Fuerte and Celia belong to this leather class.


​4. Saddle leather:

The origin and processing of this type of leather creates a strikingly quirky look & feel: stiff to the touch with a plain appearance. The smooth surface is obtained by the specific natural/vegetal tanning process and a light pigment layer added on the surface. 

Saddle leather is light and patina sensitive, which gives it its typical, desired appearance.  Due to the smooth surface, this leather is more sensitive to use tracks. 

The leather type of Vegetalia belongs to this leather class. 


5. Nubuck leather

Leather type Nubuck is an aniline leather that was slightly scraped on the skin surface. The fibres are thus straightened, creating a velvety look and a ray.
An extremely soft feel, similar to cashmere or silk, is the result.


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