JORI-leather quality

1. Our fixed values for quality leather, the essence of your seating comfort

More than fifty years of experience and love for the profession make JORI the specialist of stylish seating comfort. It is up to you which leather or fabric seat you choose, but you can never go wrong with a JORI. Moreover, both the qualitative high-grade leathers and the wear-resistant fabric qualities lend themselves perfectly for the upholstering of JORI design furniture. 


1.1. Bull skins for sturdy leather

JORI only uses top-grade southern European young bull skins. Compared to cow skin, leather made from bull skins is stronger, less elastic and retain its shape to better and more lasting effect. The skin of cows, is after all, stretched by calving and less sturdy. That's why JORI only processes firm skins exclusively from bulls.


​1.2. The thicker the skin, the stronger and the more ravishing the leather falls

Any skin used for a JORI seating, is at least 1.4 mm thick. It seems little, but for a leather-upholstered seating, this is particularly firm. It makes the leather tear-resistant and provides a full touch and superior quality.  A thick skin also allows for optimal finishing.


1.3. Less seams for more elegance and class

Southern European bull skins are larger than hides from other parts of the world. An average Southern European bull’s skin is larger than
5 m².  Especially for sofas, for which large pieces of leather are processed, a large skin surface is important.  Therefore the finish requires fewer seams, which makes your seating gain purity and elegance.


​1.4. Full colours

JORI leather is tanned in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The skins are dyed with aniline dyes which guarantee maximum brightness and full colours. By this means the outer and inner skin get the same colour.  Scratches or other natural imperfections on the surface are also less visible. 

Every skin can reveal subtle differences in shade. This is typical for natural leather and has to do with the nature and specific properties of each skin. 


1.5. Every skin has its past and is

Leather is not man-made, purely processed. It is a wholly natural product. 

Each bull's skin has a vivid pattern of typical natural characteristics.  This 'natural' look of top-grade quality leathers is preserved as much as possible, to keep the authentic character of the skin. Just these skins make your JORI a unique piece of furniture with personal character. These characteristics are therefore anything but material imperfections, they are proof of the natural origin.

Each skin is handpicked and inspected to the strictest quality standards. The experts responsible for the control are true specialists, who can perfectly distinguish permissible natural leather properties from errors that can lead to disapproval. This extremely rigorous selection process leads to upholster your seating with only the best skins with a pure natural look.


1.6. The older, the more ravishing: Leather patina

Year after year, your JORI seating is increasingly getting the authentic look that it deserves as a top product.  A beautiful warm piece of nature that has one trait in common with all natural products:  over time it becomes more beautiful, taking on a patina.

2. Natural characteristics of leather 

  • Each bull skin comes with its own glorious past. Your leather seating furniture is composed with a series of skins and tells its authentic story in the shape of insect stings, thorn scratches, dung stains and tiny scars.

Variations per skin in gloss, colour and grains also give your furniture a unique look. These perfectly normal leather characteristics do not affect the quality and longevity of your furniture. They are just the most beautiful proof of the processed natural product.

  • Leather swells by body heat and the associated humidity.  This creates undulations and pleats in the leather, especially visible on the most frequently used places. This process, inherent in use, will manifest itself especially in the first months of use and then stabilize. They give your furniture the warm, rich look, only natural products can provide.
  • Colour shading occurs when different sections of the skin absorb unequal amounts of colorants. Inherent to natural leather and particular to the type and specific properties of each skin. These subtle tone variations appear most distinctly in the non-pigmented, full grain nappa leathers.
  • Depending on the tanning process, colouring and surface finishing, leather, in the initial phase, gives its typical leather odour. This decreases as it is used and is neutralized by regularly aerating the space in which the furniture stands. Also temperature fluctuations can strengthen this phenomenon.


These typical leather characteristics are inherent in leather and do not affect the intrinsic value of your furniture.  Therefore they do not constitute a reason for complaint. 


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